Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to tackle the career search process? Let our experienced and tactical advising team at Collegial Services give you an immediate advantage.

  1. I am interested – now what?
    A simple conversation on the phone is the best way to get started, call us at 925/818-2280. You can also email your résumé to and we will set up a time to talk further. Additionally, you can follow us on LinkedIn to receive future job and internship opportunities as well as alerts of upcoming events and hiring trends.
  2. Why work with Collegial Services?
    We help you get ready for your career search, simplify and shorten the job hunt process and stand out during the networking and interviewing process. Our advising programs prepare you to perform at the best of your abilities, armed with the latest technological and social media strategies.
  3. How does the process work?
    After an initial conversation to understand where you are in the career search process, we will identify areas where we can give you an advantage. Once we define what you would like to accomplish, we create a program that meets your needs and budget. Your advisor will provide proven job search tactics, help you to create/manage goals and stay motivated throughout the process.
  4. What career related topics do you address?
    From selecting career options, writing a résumé that gets results, leveraging LinkedIn, networking effectively to researching companies, interview preparation and salary negotiation – if it is part of the career search process, we can help.
  5. My résumé is not ready or outdated; may I still work with Collegial Services?
    Yes. Résumés are always a work in progress (some more than others, of course.) Send us an email at or call us at 925/818-2280 so that we can learn more about what you would like to accomplish.
  6. I have a résumé, can Collegial Services still provide services?
    The average hiring authority spends no more than 6 seconds reviewing a résumé. Most entry-level résumés do not leverage the proven strategies needed to get noticed. Our résumé advising results in a flawless document created while we are with our job-seeking clients. (IE, little to no “homework.”) Additionally, we present how to customize résumés for targeted positions and we offer follow up on-call advising after the résumé is created.
  7. Where does your company work?
    We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. However, we have advising clients and work with hiring authorities throughout the U.S. Our services are effective in person and remotely via phone, Skype and email.
  8. Would I be locked into a contract if I work with Collegial Services?
    No. Based on your needs, we will recommend an advising program specifically for you. If your needs change or you are unsatisfied, you only pay for services used.
  9. I am not ready to make a decision today. Are there other ways you can help me?
    Yes. Follow us on LinkedIn to receive future job and internship opportunities as well as alerts of upcoming events and hiring trends.  If you see something that looks interesting, contact us to learn more, or 925/818-2280.
  10. Do you provide one-to-one private advising?
    Yes. We customize our sessions in order to meet the needs and schedules of our clients.
  11. Do you work with groups of job seekers?
    Yes. We can put together a session or a workshop on a variety of career related topics for groups of any size. Please review our Workshops/Events
     page to learn more about possible topics or contact us, or 925/818-2280, to discuss how we can work with your group or provide an interactive workshop for your next meeting.
  12. Why use Collegial Services when there is a college career center?
    Statistics show that the majority of students and alumni never step foot in the career center or attend career events on campus. Even the best career centers have to meet the needs of an increasing number of students with fewer dollars and a smaller staff. Additionally, many schools are unable to assist alumni. Our advising programs are personalized to meet the needs of each individual. Each of our advisors has years of prior corporate recruiting, placement and advising experience – so they know what it takes to get hired. Our approach is hands-on and tactical. We work together in our sessions so there is minimal “homework.” We leverage social media, texting, emailing and offer on-call advising outside of typical “business” hours so that our clients have the response they need at the time they need it. We also follow their progress, provide needed encouragement and make sure that they are keeping up with their career goals.
  13. I am only a freshman, is it too early to work with Collegial Services?
    Freshman year is a perfect time to start preparing a career plan. We advise students throughout their college experience so that there is no last minute stress of “I’m graduating, now what?”
  14. I am a senior/recent graduate, is it too late to work with Collegial Services?
    If you are thinking about your career, no matter where you are in the college journey or post graduation, we can give you an advantage and minimize delays.
  15. What’s the typical amount of time you spend advising a job seeker?
    We offer different services that range in allotted time. A typical advising session is 60 minutes with updates and check-ins averaging 15-30 minutes.
  16. How can I help as a parent?
    As a parent, addressing the importance of preparation and networking is key. Often, your network is a great tool for a resourceful and skilled job seeker. The advising team at Collegial Services is trained to assist career focused clients and their parents in identifying opportunities and creating strategies to leverage them.
  17. Can I attend sessions with my son or daughter?
    We want you to feel comfortable with the advisor; however, attending sessions can undermine your student’s ability to learn how to manage his/her career search process as a professional. At the end of the day, only the student can sit in the interview – so we want to make sure we are preparing him for that experience.
  18. After applying for numerous positions I still feel lost in the process, can Collegial Services help?
    We help clients who have applied to many positions with little response and no offers. Successful job seeking requires a strategy, tools that get results and skills that move you forward in the networking/interviewing process. Our advising programs address those exact areas while offering encouragement throughout the process.
  19. Is job placement guaranteed?
    Our clients will have a search strategy and stronger networking/interviewing skills and tools because of our work together. We cannot guarantee job placement because only a hiring company can ultimately make a decision to extend an offer to a specific job seeker.
  20. What if I do not know what positions I want to target?
    No problem – that is frequently the case. We have interviewed, advised and placed thousands of job seekers into companies from start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations. This experience allows us to show you strategies for targeting unique positions in which you are both interested and qualified. You can also review the available positions with our clients to see if anything sparks your interest.
  21. I regularly respond to job postings on the internet or job boards, isn’t that enough?
    Unfortunately, no. Job postings represent only a small percentage of all positions filled each year. That number continues to shrink due to the high number of unqualified applicants for these postings. We increase the response rate for our clients by helping them create proactive job search plans and network effectively.

To learn more about how to launch your career, email or call 925/818-2280.