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Collegial Services is committed to building and maintaining an extensive and diverse pool of candidates. We connect our talented candidates with employers who can provide them with challenging and interesting career opportunities.

Featured Candidates showcased on our website are only a small selection of available talent. For more information regarding our available candidates listed below, click on their name and title or contact Tim Bataska: at 925-818-2280 x114 or at TimB@collegialservices.com.

87581 Marketing/Customer Service, Entry-Level
• School: Menlo College
• Degree: Mass Communications, concentration in Marketing Communications
• Accomplishments: Honorable mention for California Pacific Conference (Volleyball)
• Experience: Marketing, Events, and Customer Service Specialist for sports organization
• Skills: Supporting VP and C-Level executives, creating marketing collateral, event planning and promotion, leadership and interpersonal skills, SurveyMonkey
• Activities: Volleyball
• Target Compensation: $55,000/year

85666 Media/Communications, Entry-Level
• School: Yale University
• Degree: History of Science
• Accomplishments: Won “Most Outstanding Senior Essay” in her major
• Experience: Media and Communications
• Skills: Bilingual in English and Spanish, some French proficiency, copywriting, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, WordPress, MailChimp
• Activities: Study abroad program with Climate for Change in Vietnam, Morocco, and Bolivia
• Target Compensation: $45,000/year

86731 Marketing/ Sales / Communications, Entry-Level
• School: University of California, Berkeley
• Degree: Mass Communications/Media Studies
• Experience: Marketing/ Sales / Communications
• Skills: Leadership, event planning, customer service, public relations,
• Activities: Associated Students of the University of California
• Target Compensation: $45,000

86571 Business Development/Sales, Entry-Level
• School: University of California, Berkeley
• Degree: Nutritional Sciences/Marketing
• Experience: Business Development/Sales/Branding
• Skills: Strategy and Branding, prospecting, cold calling, sales and marketing campaigns
• Activities: Director of Projects for business fraternity, Pi Sigma Epsilon
• Target Compensation: $65,000/year

86547 Legal Services/Administrative, Entry-Level
• School: University of California, Berkeley
• Degree: Legal Studies/Political Science
• Experience: Legal Assistant
• Skills: Bilingual in English and Spanish, administrative, event planning
• Activities: Director of Projects for business fraternity, Pi Sigma Epsilon
• Target Compensation: $50,000/year

82678 Sales, Entry-Level
• School: University of California, Los Angeles
• Degree: Geography & Environmental Studies
• Accomplishments: Scholarship and merit awards
• Experience: Financial Services Intern supporting wealth advisors
• Skills: Leadership, communications, client relations, data analysis
• Activities: NCAA Division 1 Athlete, Water polo
• Target Compensation: $60,000/year

76378 Sales, Entry-Level
• School: San Francisco State University
• Degree: Business Administration
• Accomplishments: 3.42 GPA
• Experience: SaaS Business Development Representative in cyber security industry
• Skills: Cold-calling, prospecting, lead generation, data analysis, and CRM software
• Target Compensation: $50,000/year

61665 Sales, Mid-Level
• School: California State University, Chico
• Degree: Business Administration and Marketing
• Accomplishments: Achieved top sales in North America
• Experience: Marketing and Sales Associate for non-profit organization
• Skills: Lead generation, customer service
• Activities: Suefferlein Sales Program
• Target Compensation: $50,000/year

80101 Sales Operations, Mid-Level
• School: Holy Names University
• Degree: Kinesiology
• Accomplishments: Magna Cum Laude, 3.98 GPA
• Experience: Sales Operations supporting an aircraft parts manufacturer and distributor
• Skills: Sales, analyzing margins and cost of goods, collaborating across departments
• Activities: NCAA Division II athlete
• Target Compensation: $50,000/year

81032 Administrative Specialist, Experienced
• School: University of California, Berkeley
• Degree: Political Economy/English
• Accomplishments: National Merit Scholar; 3.5 GPA; 3 promotions in 4 years
• Experience: Administrative/project management support for C-level executives in financial services industry
• Skills: Impeccable attention to detail and organizational skills, calendaring, logistics
• Target Compensation: $70,000/year

55674 Sales Operations/Administrative, Entry-Level
• School: University of California, Los Angeles
• Degree: Business/Managerial Economics; specialization in Computing
• Accomplishments: Self-taught HTML
• Experience: Sales Operations for a leading organic food retailer
• Skills: Customer service, sales reporting, SQL, data entry
• Activities: Alpha Phi Omega
• Target Compensation: $60,000/year

84425 Marketing, Entry-Level
• School: California State University, San Marcos
• Degree: Business Administration, Emphasis: Management and Organization
• Accomplishments: 3.6 GPA; Team Captain – Basketball
• Experience: Brand Ambassador for athletics industry
• Skills: Event marketing and planning, data entry, leadership, community relations
• Activities: Student Athlete Advisory Committee
• Target Compensation: $50,000/year

83642 Business Development/Marketing, Entry-Level
• School: University of California, Los Angeles
• Degree: Economics
• Accomplishments: Voted to be Lead Mentor for new hires
• Experience: Business Development for leading technology company
• Skills: Leadership, market research, sales operations, customer support
• Activities: Apple Campus Representative
• Target Compensation: $60,000/year

84030 Marketing/Operations, Entry-Level
• School: San Diego State University
• Degree: Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration
• Accomplishments: Magna Cum Laude
• Experience: Marketing/Operations Intern for non-profit agency and legal sector
• Skills: Communication, data analysis and entry, research
• Activities: Honor Societies-Alpha Phi Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Delta Sigma Psi Sorority
• Target Compensation: $40,000/year

83927 Event Planning/Operations, Entry-Level
• School: San Francisco State University
• Degree: Hospitality & Tourism Management
• Accomplishments: Intern at Disney
• Experience: Event Planning Coordinator in events planning industry
• Skills: Logistics, event setup, time management, customer service
• Activities: Camp counselor, after school teacher
• Target Compensation: $45,000/year

84731 Event Coordinating/Marketing, Entry-Level
• School: University of Oregon
• Degree: Art History, Criticism and Conservation; French Language Studies
• Accomplishments: Fluent in French
• Experience: Marketing Coordinator for an IT support company
• Skills: Marketing research/analysis, collateral creation, communications, website development
• Activities: Art and Events Coordinator for elementary school art program
• Target Compensation: $50,000/year